The war is over. Technology is evolving. Overpopulation and classism run rampant as the poor are forced underground. Space travel is real, and its first customer is the prison-industrial complex. Join us for a thrilling tale of mad science and rebellion, set in a 1960s-esque retrofuture where what's out of sight is not quite out of mind.

Updates every other week on Saturdays at 12PM CST, one day earlier on Patreon.


Leland Heed - Victor Algernon

Varis Zima - Huxley

Serina Johnston - Jules Kroeber

Fin Carter - Warren Cain

E.G. Tariku - Hugo Highsmith

Artemis Jack Gontscharov - Ensemble


Standford Blue - Writer

Vincent Tirado - Writer

Jack Loney - Writer

Icarus Jude Stevie - Writer

Stoker Leopold - Editor

Sloane Van Dyke - Composer

Roo - Sensitivity Reader

Nico - Sensitivity Reader