Audio recordings assembled from project #M1342. Property of the Mnemosyne Corporation. 


Aboard Mnemosyne, the space-station-turned-prison that orbits Earth, a disgraced neurologist conducts a series of experiments on some prisoners, in hopes of unlocking the secrets of human memory. But no one he encounters is exactly who they seem to be, and those memories all seem to hold more

secrets than answers.


Project updates released bi-weekly.

Season 2 in production.


Leland Heed - Victor Algernon

Varis Zima - Dr. Huxley

Serina Johnston - Jules Kroeber, Evie Wells

Fin Carter - Warren Cain, Roger Morris

E.G. Tariku - Hugo Highsmith

Noelle Salisbury - Lucy Calvin

Artemis Jack Gontscharov - Ensemble


Standford Blue - Writer

Vincent Tirado - Writer

Jack Loney - Writer

Icarus Jude Stevie - Writer

Stoker Leopold - Editor

Sloane Van Dyke - Composer

Roo - Sensitivity Reader

Nico - Sensitivity Reader